Cognitive Development Through Reading Across the Curriculum is a proprietary program that focuses on increasing reading fluency, thinking through text-based material, and writing in response to reading.

This innovative program was developed by the President of Texans Can Academies, Mr. Richard Marquez, and has been utilized at all campuses since 2007.  The process was designed to address the 13 most tested skills across all standardized exams and is integrated into the classroom instruction of all Texans Can Academies campuses every day. Known by staff and students as “Marquez Reading”, it is a foundational building block for the Texans Can teaching process.

Research shows that the brain is not naturally structured for reading; the reading brain must be developed. Thinking Through Reading Across the Curriculum is a unique process designed to combat learning and achievement gaps. This literacy process seeks to address reading deficiencies by integrating reading, discussion, verbal, and written responses into all areas of study in order for the learner to function effectively.

Today, Marquez Reading LLC has built a full-service consulting practice with a staff dedicated to providing training across Texasschool districts, as well as other school districts and charter organizations nationwide. We have published two books detailing the Marquez Reading process, including practical recommendations for increasing literacy through reading and active discussions. Program training is the key to ensure educators achieve the program goal, as we strive to prioritize supporting our partner’s efforts to serve their students.